Board of Directors
We hope to be instrumental in establishing the millenniumsí standards for the medical profession by instituting effective medical preventative maintenance and care, by caring for the body as a whole, and treating both the disease and its cause, thus eliminating it, instead of camouflaging its symptoms.

The company started with a group of investors who wanted to make a difference in the care and treatment of patients with cancer.  More than 100 shareholders have invested more than a million dollars thus far for working capital.

Kenneth N. Hankin
President, Chairman of the Board, CEO

Ardie R. Nickel
Secretary, Scientific and Medical Development

Edward R. Annis, M.D.
Physician Relations

Arthur T. Porter, M.D., M.B.A.
Radiation and Oncology Care

E. Mark Haacke, Ph.D.
Diagnostics and Imaging Development

Susan F. Reynolds, M.D., Ph.D.
Human Resources and Integrative Medicine

Daniel K. Kido, M.D.
Diagnostics and Imaging Research

William J. Walker, Jr., Ph.D.
Physics and Treatment Planning

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